Individual Vote Reward System

Individual Vote Reward System

- For any L2J server;
- Vote sites: L2Hopzone / L2Topzone / L2Network;

For those who don't know, Hopzone, Topzone and Network had exposed some endpoints that show if an ip has voted on a server.

You know longer need to have 3 tries or wait until someone else voted.

You can just used .vote and click the site you voted for and if you actually voted you will get a reward.

The system is easy to install and it has some basic api related configuration.

I left the reward method blank, so you can add whatever you want in it.

by Elfocrash

But it looks like this



The reason for that is so you can modify it on your needs.


It is coded for acis 362 but it should be easy to adapt.


Credits to voicedcommand by svipben

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