DragonEye Full 1.2 version

DragonEye Full 1.2 version

- Compatibility with all L2Off and L2Java servers
- Install system ( Install the CMS with few clicks, so you need to know nothing about web coding )
- Fully configurable ( You can configure everything by accessing the CMS Admin Panel )
- Template Management System ( So you can easy add/edit/change the template of your website)
- Language System ( Let the user change the language to his own, if exists )
- News System ( Post news to your desired page fast )
- Ban System ( Restrict specified user/ip to access your website )
- Account System ( Connect to your game/forum account )
- Register System ( Register your game/forum account )
- Forum System ( Brand new forum system )
- Petition System ( Let the users submit petitions directly from the website )
- Log System ( Log anything in files to prevent spam etc )
- Game Screenshots Gallery
- Chat System

*Account System
- Change Password ( Change your game/forum password )
- Recover Password ( Recover your game/forum password by email )
- Character Menu ( Access your character information (Level, Class etc ), and perform functions like: Unstuck, De-level etc)
- Vote system ( Vote and get rewarded instant in game )
- Donate system ( Donate by paypal and get auto rewarded )
- Check last logged date in game as well as in website.
- Total hours played
- Friend Refer System ( Give a link to a friend and if he register you will be rewarded )

*Statistics System
- Top PVP/PK System
- Castle Manager System
- Raidboss Status System
- Player Inventory System ( See player items from inventory/warehouse with details like enchant/count etc )
- Player Skills System ( See player active and passive skills )
- Player Signature Banner ( Generate your own banner image with player statistics )
- Players online/total accounts system

If you don't wish a feature from above you can simply disable it by accessing Admin Panel


Guide: DragonEye Guide

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